Posted by: alexswallow | April 15, 2014

My blog is one year old today!

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I just wanted to thank everyone for your support over the last year, it means a lot. Thanks for sharing my blog, commenting on my blog, responding to my blog and inspiring me for my blog.

It’s been an adventure- I was amazed to find, when I counted them up, that my blog has been viewed in around 130 countries including Timor-Leste, Myanmar, Brunei and Burkina Faso!

My top five posts were, in order:

1- Small Charities and Social Media

2- Young People and Trusteeship

3- Becoming a Charity Chief Exec

4- The most popular charity blogs in the world

5- Tips for Networking

During the year I was really pleased to get a mention as one of the new entrants on the Amazon PR Blog ‘Top of the Blogs’– and of course to make the list of the Top 30 Social CEOs.

I even managed to get a guest blog post in my first year from one of the bloggers I most admire, Marc Guberti

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and if you would like to write a guest post yourself, it would be great to hear from you.

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