Posted by: alexswallow | April 16, 2014

Good News Shared

Very proud to be part of this initiative and hope it makes a real difference to charities who deserve more people to hear about their wonderful work.

Nisha Kotecha

In October 2013 I started this blog and posted about why I had decided to start my own organisation which would bring different generations together in their communities. Since then I have met a number of people working with older people and on intergenerational projects. It has been fantastic to learn more about the work others are doing to fulfil the same aim that I have. One organisation I have learnt more about is North London Cares, who are doing really good work to reduce loneliness and is a wonderful example of an organisation that brings communities together to socialise and have fun!

I am still incredibly determined to help reduce loneliness, and still believe that there needs to be a change in the way older people are viewed in this country. However with 180,000 registered charities in the UK (and thousands of small charities whose incomes are below…

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