Posted by: alexswallow | March 24, 2014

How I Find The Time To Publish 2 Blog Posts Every Day

marc guberti

This is a guest post by the brilliant Marc Guberti, one of my favourite bloggers and a definite Rising Star. Here are some details about Marc. I urge anyone who reads my blog to follow his– I learn so much from it.

When I made the change last summer to write two blog posts every day instead of one blog post, I knew it was going to require a lot more work. In addition, I knew that I was encountered with a decision to cross the Rubicon. Once I start something new, and I like the results, I have a need to remain consistent and show gradual improvements.

Writing two blog posts every day was a big step for me. I had 20 blog posts scheduled at the time, but instead of having 20 days of blog posts left, I only had 10 days of blog posts left. Instead of writing three blog posts on some days and then taking a break, I started to write blog posts every day. In fact, I continue writing blog posts every day even now (unless something stops me from getting to my computer).

The biggest factor towards me being able to write two blog posts every day is that I love what I do. If I had forced myself to write a certain number of words per blog post, I would not have liked this as much. When I first started writing two blog posts every day, they were short and filled with mistakes. No one noticed because at the time, my blog was not getting a lot of visitors. I was simply practicing.

Then, I had the realization that I could make it far as an author, blogger, and entrepreneur. My short blog posts started gaining momentum, and now all of the blog posts on my blog combined average out to be 250 words per blog post. This indicates the big increase in words and information I have shared in more recent posts (in the beginning, many of my blog posts had 100 words or less). After the love came, the vision was able to drive me further. Then, I decided to increase the rate that I send out blog posts.

Then there’s time management. My ability to effectively manage my time has been a crucial part towards writing more blog posts. My love for blogging and the vision made me more willing to carve out hours of time to write blog posts. In order to carve out that time, I needed to sacrifice other things. I used to be a couch potato and watch TV for countless hours. Now, I only watch The Big Bang Theory, my Red Sox when they are on the diamond, and some football. Since those are not on every night, I sometimes go for days without watching TV. I decided that in order to become successful, I would have to commit more time to becoming successful. It’s a success model that makes sense, and it’s a success model that I decided to implement.

Ultimately, it comes down to your love for doing something and your vision. Having the love to do something and the vision of great success will make the process of time management a lot easier. We tend to carve out more time to do the things we believe can change our situation (or the world) than we carve out time for washing the dishes.

And that’s how I am able to two blog posts every day. So far, I have never worked a single day in my life, and I plan to have that statement remain true for my entire life.


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