Posted by: alexswallow | August 19, 2013

The world’s most popular charity/nonprofit blogs

Top Nonprofits has made this amazing list  of the top 150 charity/nonprofit blogs in the world.

I’ve been looking for such a list for some time as I’ve generally been disappointed about how many people in the sector we love seem to be blogging, at least in the UK. I may be wrong and there might be loads of people that I haven’t found but I think it is telling that nearly every organisation/person on this list seems to be from the US. There are a couple of ‘honourable mentions’ for UK organisations like Third Sector and UK Fundraising. Apparently the list is in Beta mode so if there are any that you think have been missed, please tell them. Some of my favourite blogs aren’t on there but as their rating is based on web traffic rather than ‘Alex Swallow’s favourites’ I suppose that’s understandable!

I was extremely to discover various sites I had never heard of and to see some familiar faces like the brilliant Beth Kanter at number 2 (all the more amazing when you consider that the top-ranked entry is an amalgamation of lots of blogs.

If you know any other good lists I’d love to see them. This one from Nonprofit Blog Exchange is great too.









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    Excellent post from Alex Swallow (CEO, Small Charities Coalition and Founder, Young Charity Trustees) surveying the global charity blogosphere.

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  7. A faithful member of my church is trying to raise money to help send her back to college. She is working and trying to raise money, but she can use all of the help that she can get. Thank you all in advance.

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