Posted by: alexswallow | April 18, 2014

Honoured to win a national ‘Ten Outstanding Young Persons’ (TOYP) Award!

I am so proud to win an Award from JCI as one of the Ten Outstanding Young People (TOYP) in the UK- and very pleased to help represent both London and the charity sector!

I’m pictured above with Shaun Dias, a fellow London winner in a different category.

Here is the Awards website with some background information.

I’d like to thank everyone who supports the work I do and the causes that I care about- those who have helped me to spread the word about why small charities matter, about Board Diversity and young trustees, about the importance of social media for social good and the need to try to get great people involved in the charity sector.

Three previous recipients of these awards who have then gone on to achieve success at a global level for TOYP are three of the young people that I find most impressive- John Loughton, Katherine Sparkes and Sabirul Islam. They have all done an incredible amount to empower young people and you can find out a bit more about them and some other brilliant people, on the site here.

Past worldwide TOYP winners include John F Kennedy, Anthony Robbins, Jackie Chan and Elvis Presley!



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  2. Congratulations on your award Alex – you worked hard for it!

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