Posted by: alexswallow | August 13, 2013

7 secrets of great charity consultancy projects

Important tips from Zoe! She’s always worth listening to.

Zoe Amar

I’ve been pretty busy since setting up as a marketing and digital communications consultant this summer. I’m lucky enough to have worked on some brilliant projects and you can find out more about how I can help here.

With that in mind, I’d like to share what I think are the essential ingredients for a fantastic consultancy project, one which can help a charity achieve its goals, add value and kick start things with new ideas.

  1. A clear briefing. In an ideal world a charity will provide this to the consultant. However, charities are understandably sometimes too busy to do this and a consultant needs to be able to ask the right questions to understand what’s required and then summarise it in a short proposal document. It should include deadlines, budgets and deliverables. This will help get everyone on the same page from the start which will make for a…

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  1. Thanks for your kind words Alex : )

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