Posted by: alexswallow | July 8, 2014

The Cancer Research UK ‘Enemy’ Advert

Nisha Kotecha

I recently saw Cancer Research UK’s ‘Enemy’ advert for the first time. They launched the campaign back in December 2012 but somehow it’s passed me by until now.

The advert conveys a powerful, thought-provoking message. It positions research as the enemy of cancer and aims to show people that beating cancer is an achievable goal.

“Research has beaten polio. Research has beaten smallpox. Research is beating HIV. One day, research will beat cancer. The more research we do, the sooner that day will come”. 

I struggle to watch the entire advert, as the first line makes me really angry! “Research has beaten polio”. It sounds so final, like the problem has been solved. It makes the viewer think that polio is no longer a problem in society. This is not the case.

The advert is not factually incorrect. Research has given us a way to end polio. However the…

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