Posted by: alexswallow | November 3, 2013

Young Charity Trustees- what are we doing for Trustees’ Week?

Short answer- lots of things!

We want to support the work of our partners as much as we can- the Week is only going to grow if everyone helps each other.

YCT Ambassadors are busy during the Week. Some Ambassadors will be going to the Trustees’ Week event at the Cabinet Office on Tuesday evening, so please look out for them! They will also be helping represent us for other things and have already been speaking out about the Week, including in their local areas, as here with Leon Ward.

I’d like to thank everyone who has put time and energy into the Week, especially the Charity Commission who really do a great job coordinating everything with very limited resources.

I’ve made two guides on Prezi in the run up to the Week which I hope will be useful for individuals and organisations:

1- A short guide for people who want to be Trustees 

2- A short guide for charities that are interested in having more diverse Boards

YCT also has a short message on YouTube specifically for the Week and of course our own website has information about Board Diversity. On YouTube we have also collated some other videos about Trusteeship, here is our account.

Last year, I took part in a podcast about Trusteeship from the Charity Commission, which proved really popular.

Of course our survey results, one of the few pieces of research that has specifically asked young people about Trusteeship, is freely available for people to share.

I will be involved in a number of things during the Week, including speaking at a Virtual Open Day  and speaking on the panel of the first All Party Parliamentary Group on Civil Society and Volunteering to be held outside London. The Monday after Trustees’ Week I will be presenting the Tumim Prize on Good Governance at the NCVO Trustee Conference.

This video and this video  give a bit more of an insight into what YCT is and what we are trying to achieve.

So, how can you help Young Charity Trustees during Trustees’ Week? 5 things that would help:

1- Tell 5 people about Trusteeship and tell them about YCT if you think we might be helpful

2- Promote what we do and our partners do on social media during the Week, and follow the Trustees’ Week account on Twitter.

3- Encourage Trustees on Twitter to tell us so we can add them to our two lists, here and here, which we think are the most  comprehensive on Twitter.

4- Encourage people to join our group on LinkedIn which is a great place to ask questions and give advice.

5- Encourage people to sign up to follow this blog because I often speak about Governance issues and Board Diversity, not just during Trustees’ Week but of course throughout the year.

If anyone would like us to promote Trustee opportunities during Trustees’ Week, please let us know and we will help as much as we can!

Thanks so much everyone for your support and thanks to all the amazing Trustees who make such a difference.

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