Posted by: alexswallow | November 4, 2013

Is your SMT/trustees page inspiring?

This is such a great article- just what we need at the start of Trustees’ Week. I haven’t actually seen a blog on this topic before but if we want to be open organisations it makes a real difference. I’ll certainly be thinking more about it for my own charity now.

madlinsudn blog

How to give the pages about your senior managers and trustees a digital facelift.

Most charities have a page introducing their senior managers and trustees. These are mostly dull and uninspiring. The pages come across as part ego boost for the subjects and part nod to transparency. But they could be so much better. They could boost transparency and trust (especially in this climate of ongoing rumblings about CEO’s pay). They could be inspiring. Supporters may actually want to read them.

Bog standard

A standard ‘meet the team’ page has a photo and biography information for the CEO and other senior managers. There may be a separate page for trustees using a similar style. This usually helps to highlight the lack of diversity in the organisation’s management and doesn’t give any insight into the cause, or an understanding what and why these people do. They are very static and a website dead-end.

Let’s look at…

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  1. Thanks for sharing Alex. Great post and very timely for Trustees week, as you say. We feature interview blog posts with all of our trustees and staff, to give readers a more personal insight into their passions and motivations for supporting the charity.

    • Good on you Jill, that’s so great to hear. Best practice like that needs to be shared!

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