Posted by: alexswallow | August 22, 2013

B – Homeless & Alone in London, Part 2

I feel guilty how often I walk past homeless people. An insightful blog

Gonzo Compo

The week after first speaking with B, I meet up with her to see how she’s getting on. We chat and I say I’ve written an article about her and that people have been saddened and shocked by what’s happened to her. She smiles. I ask whether she minds me telling her story, whether she’s afraid of her ex seeing it. She says no, she wants as many people to see it as possible, to see what can happen to victims of violence. I ask if I can ask her some questions and record our conversation. She says OK

B smokes a cigarette with a copy of the Daily Telegraph by her side (which came free with a bottle of water I bought for her)

Compo: So, I met you last week… How’ve you been doing since then?

B: Right, I met a lady called Felicity. She’s got rooms in XX. She’s told me, if I can get £28, then that’s a week’s rent and she’s going to try and phone around places to get…

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