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Volunteers’ Week – The Perfect Time To Get On Board With A Charity

Katherine Sparkes, Chief Executive of Getting On Board

Katherine Sparkes, Chief Executive of Getting On Board

This is a guest post by Katherine Sparkes, Chief Executive of Getting on Board. I am helping them with their social media and comms.

Volunteers’ Week is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the many amazing things that people are doing for charities and non-profit organisations. From those who give a day each quarter to work in their local community to those who give a few hours each month freely giving their expertise; there are all sorts of people doing what they can, when they can, to give something back, and they’re reaping many positives for themselves at the same time.

One of the areas I am always particularly keen to talk to people about is becoming a trustee. This can be met with a time concern – people think it will eat into their daily lives too much – but in fact the average trusteeship requires just 30 hours’ commitment per year.

Being a trustee is a unique type of volunteering where you can share your time and expertise to help a worthwhile cause, but also get a lot of benefits back for your personal and professional development. Board-level experience can be hugely valuable in so many ways, and you’re always supported and guided by fellow trustees.

As the founder of Flamingo Foundation and Flamingo Chicks, and Chair at the Rainbow Centre, I have learnt so much from my various experiences with charity work and as a volunteer. I have built my professional career with a wide breadth of experience from all sectors, and met and worked with a diverse new network of people. Plus I have made new friends, learnt a greater empathy, had opportunities to travel to new places, gained confidence and motivation and learnt so much from those I volunteer alongside.

But don’t just take my word for it – research from Getting on Board shows that:

·         98% of trustees find their role satisfying and would recommend board-level volunteering

·         84% said being a trustee made them happier

·         22% got a promotion because of it!

Getting on Board is a charity that wants to help people help others. It works with businesses and individuals to support and guide them into becoming new leaders in community groups and charity organisations through board-level volunteering.

Its ‘Signposting Service’ helps people find the trustee role that is right for them. Businesses can sign up to offer this service to a group of staff, or individuals can go direct to take advantage of GoB’s experience and expertise. The service includes an initial telephone consultation, information on at least four opportunities and follow-up support.

Why not use Volunteers’ Week to find out how you can give back by giving just a few hours of your time. Find out more at or look for Getting On Board on Twitter @GettingonBoard and join the Linked In group here.

Getting on Board

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