Posted by: alexswallow | March 4, 2014

Charities get in on the Oscars Selfie Action

Another great post by Kirsty! She always manages to find interesting charity social media happenings that others would have missed!

Kirsty Marrins

You know that Ellen DeGeneres Oscars selfie? The one that broke the record for most retweeted tweet since Obama’s ‘Four more years’. You’d have to be buried in sand to have missed it.

Well, here’s how some charities got in on the fun…

The children’s medical research charity Sparks posted this selfie (although apparently there was some debate over who was meant to be who…)


Macmillan’s fundraising team posted this one and it was obvious at least who Bradley Cooper was!



What I love about this is how these charities quickly recreated a hot trending topic without having to spend any money or much time. It shows that charities can have a sense of humour and even though they exist for very serious reasons, we all need a bit of light relief at times.

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