Posted by: alexswallow | September 2, 2013

Before you start your social media strategy, read this

Another great post from Zoe Amar (very much worth a follow) about what you should think about before you set the social media strategy for your organisation.

Zoe Amar

Lots of people have been asking me recently how they can get started with their social media strategies. In particular, people want a template or off the shelf action plan. There aren’t any quick fixes here and as with any good strategy it takes hard work, but it is worth the investment. I’m going to recommend  a few points well worth considering before you write your social media strategy and plans, which will get them off to a flying start.

  • Consider how social can help your organisational goals. I can’t stress this enough. Take another look at your organisational strategy. I guarantee that social can contribute towards many of its aims. Are you delivering services?  Perhaps social media can be used for some of the outreach. Are you aiming to raise more funds? Social media can obviously help here too, for example by fundraising through Facebook or researching high net…

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