Posted by: alexswallow | August 29, 2013

Dan Pallotta- The most important video about charity I’ve ever seen

This amazing video by Dan Pallotta is for me, the most inspiring, interesting and thought-provoking video about charities and how they should be changing the world that I have ever seen.

It has had more than 2 million views, which in itself is pretty impressive.

I would love to know if you agree with me or if you have other videos you’d like to share- please vote!


  1. A charity is a form of business and should be applauded for the difference it makes and the resource efficiency with which it makes it. However, as Dan points out, this is all well and fine in steady state but our world, our communities need entrepreneurial approaches to tackle issues. We do not live in a steady state world where only incremental improvements should make a difference. By definition, this needs investment and while volunteer resource is great, cash investment is also needed with a better acceptance of risk where appropriate.

  2. Thanks for your very useful comment Richard- I found Dan’s video made me look at the sector and the sector’s potential, in a different light. I’m reading his book at the moment.

  3. This is a great video. I’ve watched it a couple of times before. Thanks for highlighting it to others. I would also encourage people interested in this area to have a look at and join the campaign, which really needs to go worldwide.

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