Posted by: alexswallow | June 15, 2013

Want to champion your small charity or think about setting a new one up? It’s Small Charity Week!

Small Charity Week, run by the FSI  is from Monday 17th to Saturday 22nd of June.

The Small Charities Coalition  is one of the partner organisations for the Week.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports small charities in any way, from those who volunteer for small charities, including trustees, to those who are staff for small charities, to funders and corporates who help small charities, and to every journalist who gives small charities a bit of attention.

In general small charities don’t get the attention I think they deserve. My role at the Coalition gives me the opportunity to hear a lot about the good work that smaller charities do, the struggles they face, (including with fundraising and finance), and to see the lack of exposure that they get both in the sector and beyond.

Small charities see what happens to our country on a grassroots level, both the positive and the negative. They witness and get involved in some of the most joyous and some of the hardest parts of people’s lives. They come up with innovative solutions to seemingly impossible problems and they soldier on through the bad times even when their causes are niche or difficult to promote. Small charities and those who support them are one of the truest expressions of democracy and community in action. Many small charities are run entirely by volunteers, people who give up their time and energy with no expectation of nor interest in reward. Small charities bring hope to people who had none, help pick people up when they are down and generally make the world a happier, fairer and more equal place in which to live.

If the Week inspires you and you’d like to set up your own charity, please have a look at our page ‘Starting a new charity FAQs’  which should give you a helping hand.

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