Posted by: alexswallow | June 9, 2013

The Big IF Hunger rally- putting pressure on world leaders to make a difference



Yesterday I went to the Big IF rally at Hyde Park. The point of the rally was to convince the G8 leaders to take decisions that would combat global hunger. Here is a Guardian report on the day, which 45,000 people attended.

Speakers included Bill Gates, Danny Boyle, David Harewood (the last particularly exciting for Homeland fans), and YouTube sensation Charlie McDonnell.

IMG_1033 David Harewood’s passionate speech

I thought the whole event was brilliantly run. There was no sense that a single organisation was trying to take sole ownership of the event, all the speakers were interesting (and didn’t speak for too long), there was a ‘blogging tent’, there was no ridiculous security and a general sense of community and shared purpose.

Clearly a lot of work had been put in by volunteers, including the carpet of (paper) flowers whose petals represented the children lost through malnutrition.

IMG_1020The amazing flowers

You can find out more here and there is a rally in Belfast next Saturday.




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