Posted by: alexswallow | November 9, 2014

#socialceos- Growing Year On Year!

This week the new list of the 30 Top Social CEOs was revealed and I just wanted to make sure that my blog’s readers heard about it. I was very proud to be on the list last year, the first year of the competition.

If you read Zoe Amar’s blog (the organiser, along with Matt Collins) you can find a link to both her Guardian Voluntary post and the briefing produced to go along with the Awards.

It was also wonderful to see Beth Kanter write a piece about the Awards, which just shows how much they are growing.

If you use the #socialceos hashtag on Twitter you can find out a lot more.

I think it is so important that Chief Executives of charities use social media and although I am no longer a Chief Exec in the sector I try to do my bit to encourage those who are. I also think that using social media effectively is a fantastic boost for charity Trustees. With #Trusteesweek coming up this week, it is worth thinking about. If you follow Pauline Roche on Twitter, she has set up a list of social trustees that you might enjoy taking a look at.




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