Posted by: alexswallow | October 30, 2014

Can You Help The Small Charities Coalition @sccoalition Find A New Home?



The Small Charities Coalition is looking for a new home!

I know I am hugely biased as I worked there and loved it, but the work of the charity is so, so important- helping small charities across the country do an even better job. Small charities don’t always get lots of attention, donations or support, but the amazing work that they do is of no less value.

The team works incredibly hard and needs a base to continue their good work. It’s made such a difference for the Small Charities Coalition to have a good place to exist for the first part of its’ history and now as it continues its crucial work it’s essential that doesn’t change.

So please, read their plea for a new home in full, spread the word and let them know if you have any ideas. They need a new place by February 2015.

A bit of an intro to the work of the Small Charities Coalition:







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