Posted by: alexswallow | October 20, 2014

‘Global Connections for Charities and Charity Supporters’- a new LinkedIn Group


Image courtesy of chrisroll at

Image courtesy of chrisroll at


I’ve set up a new group on LinkedIn called ‘Global Connections for Charities and Charity Supporters’.

It is a group for people who work for, volunteer for, or support charitable/non-profit organisations all over the world (including social enterprise and any other organisation with a social purpose). By connecting globally we can make a greater difference for the causes we care about.

If we truly want to make a difference we can’t be limited by national borders. If someone has a solution we are looking for, a project we could support, or who wants to hold out a hand and work with us, distance and location shouldn’t get in the way.

These two articles of mine might give a bit of an explanation of the potential I think there is for better global collaboration between charities and between the people who support them:

1- ‘Why British Charities Need to take a more International Perspective’

2- ‘How Charities Can Use LinkedIn and Have A Global Impact’

I hope you find the group useful and I look forward to jointly building charity connections all over the world.



  1. Great to see you focussing on some important issues in the charity sector Alex. I wrote my thesis on paths to starting a charity career (or lack thereof) and how charities could be better at identifying and recruiting young talent. I am now also working internationally so the issue of networking and creating links in the UK from Costa Rica is another issue I’m interested in! Keep up the good work.

  2. Richard, I’m so so pleased you commented. Your own efforts in this area were exactly the sort of thing I was thinking of when I set up the group and your own blog (which everyone should read) is one of my favourites, both because of what you post and because you’re an excellent writer. I feel, reading your work, that your international experience gives you a really interesting perspective on the charity sector and I think a great many of us could learn from what you do. If you still have your thesis, I’d love to read it.

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