Posted by: alexswallow | October 13, 2014

Please Vote For Nisha Kotecha For The Asian Professional Awards

nisha photo


My wonderful wife Nisha Kotecha, (also my brilliant colleague at Good News Shared!) has been nominated for the ‘Public Service Award’ at the Asian Professional Awards.

Please vote for her here– you have to give a short reason as well as clicking.

Despite being an incredibly humble person she has already made such a difference in her life to so many people- whether by highlighting important causes that few people know about with Good News Shared; supporting vulnerable older people with the National Benevolent Fund for the Aged; being President of her local Rotaract Club; being past National Publicity Officer for Rotaract; or all the other amazing things she has supported and given her time, inspiration and talent to.

If you’d like to find out more about her, here she is on Twitter and here on LinkedIn.

So, please vote for her and please spread the word about the Awards, there are many brilliant people nominated across a broad range of categories. They are on Twitter themselves here.




  1. Hi Alex just to say done with pleasure! Best Patrick

    Patrick Dunne Chairman D3O Chairman Leap Confronting Conflict Founder Warwick in Africa +44 (0) 7836 505971 Twitter: @patrickedunne Preferred email address:


    • Thanks so much Patrick that’s really, really appreciated.

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