Posted by: alexswallow | October 6, 2014

#nominateatrustee- The Getting On Board Trustees’ Week campaign

Getting on Board

Getting on Board has set up an excellent campaign in the run up to Trustees’ Week. There is more information here on the website, but essentially they want people to use the hashtag #nominateatrustee to nominate friends, family, colleagues and contacts to be Trustees. In my own experience, a lot of people don’t think they are ‘good enough’ to be Trustees until someone else recommends they should- I have told lots of people over the years that they should be Trustees!

So please- get nominating! Pay some good people a compliment and help charities into the bargain.

Getting on Board also recently released new research which shows the link between Trusteeship and improved professional prospects. There is an associated helpful infographic, you can click on the link below to see it:


Some stand out stats for me are:

– 100% of 18-24 year olds surveyed said that the skills they learned as a Trustee helped with their professional career. This positivity about Trusteeship from young people chimes with the research of Young Charity Trustees.

– 74% of women surveyed improved in confidence thanks to being a Trustee.

– 22% of respondents said they got a promotion as a result of being a Trustee!

Hope you find the research interesting and good luck with the #nominateatrustee campaign!



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