Posted by: alexswallow | August 25, 2014

Ethical Career Changers Course- You Should Take A Look At This


Do you want to find an Ethical Career you love in 2014?

Are you unsure about how to get a foothold in the charity sector?

Then the Ethical Career Launch Pad, starting on September 15th, is for you!

It is being run by the brilliant Devi Clark, a careers expert- and is limited to only ten participants so that you can make the most of Devi’s knowledge and really make a difference for your career.

As someone who cares passionately about getting good people into the charity sector and who thinks that people deserve fulfilling careers that really make a difference in society, I am very happy to endorse this initiative. I am sure it would be of interest to many of the members of my LinkedIn group about Charity Careers.

So, please click on this link to find out more. In addition, this Thursday the 28th of August there is a call with Devi where she will give you more insights into whether the course is for you and what to do instead if it isn’t.


Please note (in the interest of transparency) that this is an affiliate link- so if you hear about this course from me, please mention my name when you sign up!


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