Posted by: alexswallow | August 5, 2014

Measuring Nonprofit Effectiveness: Interview with Lindsay Nichols

GuideStar Blog

Lindsay J.K. Nichols Lindsay J.K. Nichols

(Ed. This interview originally appeared on the blog on July 17th, 2014)

Transcript below:
Mazarine Treyz Mazarine Treyz
Mazarine Treyz: Hi Lindsay! Thanks for chatting with me today. Tell me more about what you do at GuideStar.

Lindsay Nichols: Thank you so much for having me. I lead the marketing and communications team at GuideStar and my job is help communicate what we do for the nonprofit sector. My official title is Senior Director of Marketing and Communications Team.

Mazarine: GuideStar is incredibly valuable for nonprofit job seekers because you can look at 990s to see what kind of salary you might get. And it’s valuable for donors to see where nonprofits are spending their money. You’ll also be able to see if the nonprofit is in trouble or not. You’ll know what you’re walking into a bit more. But there’s another piece about donors. Donors…

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