Posted by: alexswallow | July 28, 2014

How Young People Can Help Inform the Labour Party About The Third Sector

Image courtesy of vegadsl, /

Image courtesy of vegadsl, /

Recently I met up with Lisa Nandy MP, Shadow Minister for Civil Society, to talk to her about the importance of getting younger people on charity boards.

I was really pleased that she was interested in the topic and that more broadly she feels that young people’s views should be heard in the charity sector. To that end she asked me to spread the word to younger people about this consultation with the Third Sector.

The deadline for submissions is the middle of September and you can read a bit of background here.

It is so important that when political parties try to build an understanding of charities, that the views of young people are heard. People who know me know how evangelical I am about young people getting engaged with the sector whether as volunteers or for their careers. We need to be building a charity sector and individual charities for tomorrow, not just for today- and young people are a critical part of that.

Please note- this blog is not party political, I am happy to see any party engaging with the sector. Our needs, opinions and insights must be heard, so please give your views!

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