Posted by: alexswallow | July 10, 2014

Being a Thought Leader


Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic /


I’m proud to be featured on this list of Thought Leaders from Good Eggs, a skilled volunteering organisation in Sydney, Australia. Zoe, Matt and Kirsty from the UK are also mentioned as are great people from the NZ and Australia- I have followed Daniel Melbye for some time.

I would aspire to be a thought leader one day- I don’t think I’m nearly there yet but this is a nice boost!

There are a whole host of people whose views I look out for on different topics, as varied as Anthony Bourdain for food and Malcolm Gluck for wine, Duleep Allirajah for sport, John Loughton on youth and leadership issues and of course when it comes to the charity sector there are many people whose views I follow.

Who are your thought leaders? I’d love to learn from them.



  1. […] efforts have helped me to try to build a personal brand via social media, including blogging, and helping to set the agenda for issues I care about. I’ve found certain tools more useful than others- chiefly for me […]

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