Posted by: alexswallow | June 27, 2014

Why social media success is a marathon not a sprint

Another really important post from Zoe- about how social media wins can take a lot of hard work, planning and testing.

Zoe Amar


2014 has surely been a record year so far for social media. From #nomakeupselfie to #stephensstory to #bringbackourgirls these campaigns have been reported as if they were shooting stars, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, burning brightly for a short time and then disappearing as suddenly as they came. In their wake I have heard of some boards demanding that comms teams plan ‘the next #nomakeupselfie campaign’ (as if that were possible).

As a marketing and digital consultant I know that great campaigns rarely appear out of nowhere. Many wildly successful campaigns are the result of months of planning, hard graft and testing content behind the scenes. I’m actually starting to get a little concerned that boards who are new to digital may think that social media is an ‘easy win,’ underestimating the amount of work that makes such campaigns possible.

So how can we manage boards and leadership teams’ expectations…

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