Posted by: alexswallow | June 27, 2014

Encouraging Charityworks Participants To Become Young Trustees

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Yesterday I met up with the brilliant current Charityworks cohort to talk to them about my own experience of Trusteeship and to encourage them to consider it as an option for themselves.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 1000 times- I think these young people are going to be leading our sector (or whatever sector they choose to go into) in 10-20 years time- some probably sooner!

Any charity which gets them as a Trustee will be very lucky.

Young people want to make a difference in our world. We just have to believe in them, encourage them and give the some of the tools that will help them get there.

My hour-long teaching session covered:

– Why I have loved being a Trustee- what I have got out of it and what I have contributed.

– Why I set up Young Charity Trustees– because I thought other young people should know about Trusteeship.

– Why they should be Trustees.

– What skills they have which would be valuable to a Board.

– How to find a Board position.

– How to show a prospective charity that their skills and experience could make a difference.


I’m really looking forward to seeing their next steps, whether they choose to become Trustees or otherwise!





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