Posted by: alexswallow | April 23, 2014

Why Small Charities Should Be Excited About The Power of Digital


Here is my speech from the Media Trust #contentconf.

In it, I talk about:

– The reasons why small charities are scared about online content and content promotion

– Why I think there are opportunities like never before and why in some ways small charities are uniquely placed to take advantage

– Two positive examples from my own professional experience, the Small Charities Coalition and Young Charity Trustees

– Three tips to take away that are especially useful for small charities

It was such an honour to speak at the Conference, which was held at Channel 4. Media Trust were kind enough to provide the speakers with some storytelling training with Simon Hodges. Simon really got me to think deeply about how I speak and the emotional connection a speaker makes with their audience- I’d highly recommend him.

My fellow speakers were an amazing group of people, including Luke Lewis of BuzzFeed, Jody Thompson of The Huffington Post UK, Sally Chambers of JustGiving, John Coventry of, Paul Mitcheson of Movember, Nathalie Nahai, Matt Haworth, Matt Collins and Catherine Toole. The brilliant Michael Sanders made me laugh the most (while learning a lot from him too!).

Everything from me on the day can be found here, and links to all the other speakers can be found here. All of them are really worth checking out.

If you think any small charities would find my speech useful, please pass it on.




  1. Thanks for reminding organizations that digital is here to stay and everyone needs to be participating!

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