Posted by: alexswallow | April 12, 2014

Encouraging young people to join the charity sector

Recently, I was on a panel for the Fastlaners Programme, telling young people about careers- in my case, a career in the charity sector. The picture below was taken on level 42 of One Canada Square at Canary Wharf, which was an experience in itself! It was great both that the other panel members had a wide experience of charities and that the young people in the audience were so interested in the charity sector themselves, whether as volunteers or as a career.

The aspirations of younger people in terms of their careers was looked at in this article that I was interviewed for. I was struck, for example, that none of the young people at the event mentioned money as being a motivating factor. Instead all seemed to be looking for jobs with meaning and purpose which would enable them to make a difference in the world.

A fascinating online debate via the Guardian Voluntary Sector Network looked at how to encourage graduates to join the charity sector. I have spoken already on this blog about my admiration for Charityworks, which is having a real impact in this area. But this is something that we all really need to think about if the charity sector is going to have the biggest possible impact on the lives of the beneficiaries we all care about.

The Charity Careers group I set up on LinkedIn continues to grow and we are now on Twitter– so please follow us and say hi on there!







  1. I have read several studies that support your observations about millennials. They are more interested in making an impact on this world than they are in making a large salary. We should be working to become part of the non-profit sector. Their passion is contagious and inspiring!
    Diana xx

  2. Great piece. It takes the young generation to come in and the more seasoned pros to continue to make a difference in the sector.

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