Posted by: alexswallow | March 27, 2014

Could innovation transform the charity sector?

Sounds like another great initiative from Zoe!

Zoe Amar

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If your organisation is talking about innovation right now, or has ‘innovative’ as one of its brand values, then you’re not alone. But what is innovation? Is it just a highfalutin concept? Is it confined to product development? Is it only possible on a big budget? And how does it translate into something that makes a positive difference to your stakeholders?

In truth, charities have never needed innovation more than now. The sector is under increasing pressure- whether it’s from donors demanding more information, MPs asking questions about what charities should be allowed to do or greater demand for services. In my view, nonprofits are unlikely to see the benefits of the recovering economy for some time yet. There’s a very real sense of ‘we can’t go on as we are.’ Charities are being forced to get creative about different ways of working and new income streams. Is innovation a…

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