Posted by: alexswallow | March 8, 2014

Who run the world? Girls!

Wishing everyone a great International Women’s Day!


Today is International Women’s Day! A day that everyone should be aware of, no matter what gender, race, ethnicity or profession!


International Women’s Day has taken place since the early 1900’s to celebrate and promote women’s equality. Since then, we have come far in the UK, but not far enough. Women still do not even have an equal pay in comparison to men. In full time work there is a 10% wage gap. Yet, in part time employment this rises to 34% difference in wage! What is more, this is only increasing in recent years. This is just in the UK, a country that prides itself on it’s forward thinking and developed economy!

Elsewhere in the world, women are facing battles because of their gender. My post yesterday, Arunachalam Muruganantham, spoke of a brave man who fought for women’s rights, even against the society the women were socialized in…

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