Posted by: alexswallow | March 7, 2014

John Barrett- ‘Small Charity Champion’ at The Charity Staff and Volunteers Awards 2014

Me with John at the 5th Anniversary event for the Small Charities Coalition

Me with John at the 5th Anniversary event for the Small Charities Coalition

Last night I went to the amazing Charity Staff and Volunteers Awards, run by the Charity Staff Foundation.

I am absolutely thrilled to report that John Barrett, Operations Manager at the Small Charities Coalition, won the ‘Small Charity Champion’ Award.

It was great to have both Debra Allcock Tyler, our Founding Chair, and Judith Miller, our new Treasurer, in the audience. Debra also presented one of the other Awards.

I have already mentioned in a previous post how much I value the contribution that John has made to the Small Charities Coalition. He’s been there from the very beginning. He’s a modest but very talented man who has put his heart and soul into the organisation, who really understands the issues that small charities face and cares about them deeply. He is dependable, innovative, and ferociously hard working. On a personal level I’m very lucky to have had him beside me in my first Chief Executive role and I jumped at the opportunity to nominate him for this. He doesn’t do his job because he wants accolades or recognition, but I am so pleased that yesterday he got some.

It was a real honour that John was even shortlisted for the Award. Across the 20 categories there were more than 700 nominations in total, and the entire event was such a celebration of all that is great about our sector. Please follow the Charity Staff Foundation on Twitter to get more of a flavour of the Awards.  In categories ranging from ‘Trustee of the Year’ to ‘Charity Innovator of the Year’ some unsung charity heroes were celebrated.

Congratulations John for all your hard work!


  1. Great news,well done John ! you do SCC an honour by winning. best wishes, Mike

  2. John, it was a great pleasure to be privileged to present the award to you. As a director of NCVO with our 7,000 small members and 28,000 additional relationship with small charities. It is a delight to highlight how important the unsung heroes of the sector are. Look forward to working better together in the future. Richard

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