Posted by: alexswallow | March 1, 2014

Why you should consider a career in the charity sector- two articles


Image courtesy of stockimages /

Image courtesy of stockimages /


I wish more people considered a career in the charity sector- we need good people to make a difference. Whether you are a grad fresh out of university, or you are in a different sector and feel like a change, there might be a role for you.

I have already blogged about an amazing organisation, Charityworks, that is blazing a trail in encouraging ambitious young people to join the sector.

I’d like to share two other articles with you that you might find helpful:

1- ‘The Charity Sector- an exciting career you should consider’ which I wrote for Charity Job.

2- ‘We can make you feel good- moving to the charity sector’ via CharityComms.


Also please remember that I run a group on LinkedIn, ‘Careers in the charity/nonprofit sector’ which you can use to find out more and to network.



  1. just found your blog, some useful advice on here. and yes, it would be good to see more talented people looking for charity jobs, hopefully they’ll be encouraged by the job satisfaction that comes with it

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