Posted by: alexswallow | February 21, 2014

Would you like to make someone’s week? Then read on….

Image courtesy of  ddpavumba/

Image courtesy of ddpavumba/


Yesterday I was browsing crowdfunding sites  (it’s something I’m trying to educate myself about) and stumbled across this amazing jewelry maker called Emily Adam.

I was struck by three things:

– how humble, polite and friendly her ‘pitch’ was

– how modest the amount was that she was asking for in the context of what sometimes seems to be asked for on such sites

– and, once I looked at her website, how brilliantly talented she is at what she does

I made a small donation and left a comment, and she sent me a really nice message in return.

She isn’t very far from her goal of £300 (of course it would be great if she could raise more!) so it only needs a few more people to help her out.  The things you get for pledging are amazing- including beautiful handmade pieces of jewelry. Now, I don’t often wear jewelry myself, but I certainly know people who would like it as a gift.

So please, make a donation, and check out her work. If you don’t want to donate but you know someone else who might be interested, please pass it on. The smallest amount you can pledge is just £1- every little helps!

If you’d like to send her a message of encouragement on Twitter, here she is.


  1. That is very nice of you to recommend the jewellery lady Matthew and good to see good work just for the sake of it!

    Best Wishes

    Angus Flood Managing Partner Britannia Communications +447583456549

    Marketing Best of UK Plc

    Sent from HTC smartphone

  2. Little did you know that this remarkable young lady is only just recovering from massive facial surgery which threatened her life and it is wonderful that she has reached an audience such as yourself with her remarkable work – thank you for supporting her

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment Ann! Really pleased to be able to be supportive.

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