Posted by: alexswallow | February 20, 2014

Don’t listen to social media ‘gurus’- my Third Sector article

I thought you might be interested to read my latest article for Third Sector, ‘Don’t listen to social media ‘gurus’- do what’s right for you’.

So many people are interested in learning more about social media and seeing how they could help their charity. But there is a lot of advice out there that may not be appropriate for their organisation or personal situation. You need to find what feels right for you. Used in the right spirit, social  media is a great opportunity for the sector. So please take a look at the article and add comments underneath it if you have something to add.

In considering the growing effect of digital on our lives in a wider context, you might also like this article, ‘Generation Y: why young job seekers want more than money’ from the Guardian Social Enterprise Network. As a member of that Generation, I gave a comment on the importance of technology in our lives. Again, please comment if you feel inspired.


  1. I feel inspired to share my thoughts! I love that you’ve set up a blog that continues to reach to many people. As a young person who has an interest in the 3rd sector and follow of a lot them on twitter (mainly the large organisations) it works for them in that they can update users of their latest research or event. However, for the smaller organisations this is sometimes not possible for them to have a social media officer to update their twitter or Facebook, so have to rely on word of mouth and in some cases this works better as service users can inform other users of how they have the project or event.

  2. Cookie-cutter solutions don’t work for many (most?) industries, and social media is no exception. Despite this approach being peddled by “social media gurus”.

    There’s an increasing number of people who purport to be “social media gurus” simply because they have Facebook accounts etc. Social media (in this context) is a marketing tool and just like you wouldn’t say that newspapers work for every possible scenario, you can’t say the same for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or any other solution.

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