Posted by: alexswallow | February 17, 2014

What make you or your charity feel like they are Justin Bieber ?

A really important post from the ever-interesting Larry

Guerrilla Tactics for the Small Charity


           Today I have 60,200 followers on twitter; I follow 59,917 people or companies. I have 5 children whose ages range between late teens to late twenties and they all tell me:” that’s not the way you do it dad, you are supposed to only follow a few hundred people and have thousands of people follow you. “ I will usually respond to them that I’m not Madonna or Justin Bieber or something, maybe celebrities can do that but not me.

             I am just a regular guy who runs a small local charity. I use my social media for personal use, but for the most part I use it to gain support for the charity I work for. Besides it has always seemed a little rude to me –if someone is interested in what you are doing shouldn’t you try to take a little interest in what they…

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