Posted by: alexswallow | February 7, 2014

Do you want to start or build a charity sector career? This new group is for you!

Image courtesy of pat138241/

Image courtesy of pat138241/


I set up a new LinkedIn group ‘Careers in the Charity/nonprofit sector’ which I hope people will find useful.

The group is for:

– People who are in the sector and want to develop their careers

– People who are in a different sector and want to move across

– Young people who are starting their careers and don’t know they could have a fulfilling career working for charities

It’s open for all to join!

What inspired me to set the group up is two main things. The first is my involvement with mentoring young people who have an interest in and around the sector, first via UpRising and now with Charityworks. The second is that I have had quite a lot of friends and contacts from university who have been in touch with me in the past couple of years to see how they can engage more with the sector. One for example has had a stellar private sector career and wants to bring those skills across, another wants to be a Trustee, a third is setting up a charitable arm of their private company etc.

I often feel that there are not enough clear routes into and through the sector. Charityworks is doing the best job I know at addressing this and indeed the Director of Charityworks, Rachel Whale and Keith Mogford, the Chief Exec of Skills Effect, led an investigation into this area for the Marsh Review (which I was also involved in). This is an area that all of us who care about the sector need to talk about. If we are to bring the brightest, most committed and most caring people into our sector we must continue to grapple with these issues. Like many people I kind of ‘fell in’ to the sector and I wish I had known about some of the opportunities earlier.

People who have a much broader experience of the charity sector than me are already part of the fast-growing group and I hope it will be a useful forum for discussions, questions, advice and networking. Please take a look.


  1. […] Creating alternative power structures and sources of support for young people matters a lot to me. It was one of the reasons that before Charityworks I got involved with UpRising, another Programme I love and that I was also a mentor for two years for. I think the people coming through the Charityworks Programme are going to be such a help to each other. It really matters to me that young people assessing their options become interested in the charity sector at an early age, which is one of the reasons I set up a Charity Careers Group up on Linkedin. […]

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