Posted by: alexswallow | January 26, 2014

The Golden List from Year Here- great for grads who want to change the world!

Take a look at this fantastic ‘Golden List’ from Year Here.

Year Here is an organisation which ‘challenges Britain’s brightest talents to a year of tackling society’s toughest problems’.

The list, divided into Education, Grad Schemes, Internships, Funders, Incubators, Space, Activism, Design Outfits, Social Enterprise, Hacks, Networking and Who to Follow- is a terrific starting point for anyone who wants to make a real difference to the society in which they live.



  1. […] inspired when I went to my first TEDx event not too long ago. There are so many forward-thinking projects and initiatives which you might like to get involved in. When you meet new people who are doing things that you […]

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