Posted by: alexswallow | December 29, 2013

My review of 2013- a very personal view

Image courtesy of MR LIGHTMAN/

Image courtesy of MR LIGHTMAN/

In short, 2013 has been a wonderful year.

It has certainly tested me professionally, but I’ve enjoyed the experience.

The best thing by far, which made it my best year ever, was  Nisha Kotecha agreeing to marry me. It’s been so great to have the chance to get to know her (and her family) better. Can’t wait for our wedding next year!

My other highlights have been:

Going to New York at last

– My mum retiring from a long career, (mainly as a nursery nurse)

– Being honoured with a mention and gift at the graduation of the latest Charityworks cohort (I’ll write more in another post)

– Becoming a godfather to wonderful little Nicky

Being voted one of the top social media charity CEOs– I love social media and was very proud our small charity got a mention

– Celebrating SCC’s anniversary and new brand

– Murray winning Wimbledon and the Lions tour

– Finding out that my favourite wine in the world, Tokaji, is actually produced in two countries- and trying some from the second one

– All the great new people I’ve met with all the different things I’ve done

– and of course, starting this blog!

I’m sure I’ve missed loads.

Lowlights include:

– The deaths of Mandela and Paul Walker and Seamus Heaney

– The normal quota of regular life frustrations and difficult times for friends

I can’t wait to see what happens in 2014, I look forward to sharing it with everyone!


  1. I am sure 2014 will have some great highlights too 🙂 XOX Date: Sun, 29 Dec 2013 18:05:23 +0000 To:

  2. Happy 2014 Alex and remember… you wouldn’t appreciate the highlights so much without the lowlights. 😉

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