Posted by: alexswallow | December 15, 2013

How charities can pack a punch with content

More essential reading from Zoe!

Zoe Amar

I’ve been thinking a lot about content marketing lately, following the publication of the guide which Matt Collins and I put together, ‘Social Media for Charity Leaders.’ The launch, which coincided with our announcement of the top 30 charity CEOs on social media, reached 1.4 million people and many of you have been asking me what the secret of its success was. The truth is that I’m as surprised and thrilled as anyone that it did so well and I think it was largely due to having some good content from amazing contributors, and the support of lots of brilliant people who got behind it from the start. It just goes to show that you don’t need a  big budget to have a wide reach. You just need to have something different, helpful and topical to say.

On that note, I’ve spotted two great new charity publications…

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  1. Social media is definitely one of those areas that is new enough for us to still have to experiement. I don’t think there is a one size fits all approach. Charities should track their results as they do with direct mail, events, advertising, etc. Each audience or support group are different.

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