Posted by: alexswallow | December 13, 2013

A new brand for the Small Charities Coalition!


As we celebrate our 5th Anniversary I’m really excited to share the new branding of the Small Charities Coalition with you.

I hope you like it!

Our new logo is now up on our website, on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Here is the text of our Press Release from our website:

Small Charities Coalition (SCC) is proud to announce the launch of its new, unified brand. Formerly branded as Small Charities Coalition and Charity Trustee Networks, these brands have merged into a new look for the evolved Small Charities Coalition brand. With one, integrated brand, the SCC can now more easily communicate its offer of support and reach out to its core audience: the trustees, staff and volunteers of small charities.

Alex Swallow, Chief Executive of SCC, said: ‘Our new rebrand is an exciting milestone. This has been a collaborative process that has seen us consult as many of our stakeholders as possible, giving us a clear idea of what our members want and need from us and how we can best communicate this. Our new logo reflects this: the interlocking circles represent the many different stakeholders that we work with, coming together to form one coalition of support and guidance.

‘Our brand is at the heart of who we are, and key to the services we offer to our members. Today, it’s more important than ever for small charities to have a strong, memorable brand to help them get their message out and raise awareness. We are proof that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to conduct an effective brand review process.’

The brand review, which started in 2012, was triggered after SCC merged with Charity Trustee Networks (CTN) in 2011. The merged organisation initially co-branded and maintained separate websites. After a year of co-branding the time came to move towards a unified brand that would better speak to their core audience and convey the organisation’s role within the sector.

132 people from a wide range of organisations were consulted. What SCC learnt from the co-branding period and review was that both brands were strong and recognisable in the sector, but people still saw them as two separate charities. Two identities were confusing, hard to promote and a bit of a mouthful. Overall the majority of respondents identified more with the SCC brand and the range of support on offer and so it was decided that CTN would be absorbed into a refreshed and visually strengthened Small Charities Coalition brand.

As a result of the merged brand, all information and services hosted by the former CTN website will be moved across to over the coming weeks. SCC will continue to provide tailored and accessible support to trustees, as well as staff and volunteers of small charities.

Reflecting the ethos and values of the SCC, the rebranding process has been collaborative and inclusive. Moreover, as the entire process – from start to finish, including the initial brief and final review – was either carried out pro-bono or in-house, staff time was the only cost.

Design agency Nice Work, which specialises in working with charities and non-profits, volunteered to design the new brand pro-bono and SCC used Media Trust’s Matching Service to find an advisor for the brand review’.


  1. Congratulations on your new logo. It seems to say what you want it to say – good for you Alex!


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