Posted by: alexswallow | November 20, 2013

A great post about small charities on Twitter

I just wanted to share this excellent post by Charity Chap (aka Matt Collins) about some good examples of small charities on Twitter.

I’m very pleased to see a mention for Stepney City Farm – I’ve explained how I think they are great in a previous post. It’s really good to celebrate the work of small charities in general and on social media in particular. It is a very cheap and easy way for them to start getting their voices heard.

I generally think that social media is a massive opportunity for the charity sector and wish that more charities would take advantage of the things that it offers and that the people who head up charities would take the lead. I’m very excited about the launch of the Top 30 charity CEOs on Social Media on Thursday evening. The initiative has been put together by Matt and by Zoe Amar, and I’m both proud and excited to be speaking on Thursday. Please look out for more details and follow it on social media!

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