Posted by: alexswallow | November 18, 2013

How often do you see your parents?

I tried the ‘See your folks’ website and it shocked me!

Nisha Kotecha

Do you ever feel guilty about how much time you spend with your parents? If so, the See your folks website will probably make you feel even worse! The website uses data from the World Health Organisation to predict how many times you are likely to see your parents before they die.

While this website can be shocking / upsetting at first, it might actually be a really good way of encouraging people to consider how they use their time and what their priorities are.

I don’t think people should feel guilty about how much time they spend with their parents. For various reasons it is not always possible for people to live close to their parents or to see them on a regular basis. It’s important for older people to have a large network of people they can have a nice time with and who they can ask for…

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