Posted by: alexswallow | November 2, 2013

Female Photographer Takes Stunning, Subversive Photos of the Men Who Catcall Her

What a clever, empowering and also rather brave idea!


One of the sad facts about living in a big city is that it’s fairly impossible to avoid catcalling, and photographer Hannah Price noticed a constant stream of verbal harassment after she moved to Philadelphia from suburban Colorado. Instead of just keeping her head down and walking on by, Price made the choice to take pictures of her aggressors. It resulted in an ongoing collection of photos called City of Brotherly Love (spotted via Feature Shoot), and you can really see the discomfort in some of the subject’s eyes when the gaze is turned around. Take a look at the portraits after the jump.

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  1. Well done Hannah!

  2. Reblogged this on West Kent YMCA and commented:
    Well done Hannah! A picture speaks a thousand words.
    Maybe some of those you photographed have a wife or girlfriend who might be sad or cross to see this!

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