Posted by: alexswallow | October 22, 2013

Five Ways Your Organization’s Committee and Board Members Can Get Involved On Social Media

Another useful guide to using social media as an organisation

Incline Marketing

Word of mouth is crucial to spreading the reach and effectiveness of your association or non-profit. People are a lot more likely to become a member or give to a cause, and realize the potential benefits, when someone they trust tells them about the positive experience they’ve had with organization X, Y or Z.

If your organization has a board of directors and/or committees made up of members, they are probably your biggest supporters and the best source for word of mouth marketing. These are some of the most involved people in your organization who want to see its goals and mission achieved. Many are also well-respected and well-known in their industries; people that others will listen to and trust when they say that investing in an association or a non-profit is worthwhile.

Social media can help your committee and board members spread the word. Social media is word of…

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