Posted by: alexswallow | October 18, 2013

Lonely no more- why I’m setting up a new enterprise

An amazing new blog and new enterprise from Nisha Kotecha, my fiancee and the very best person I know!

Nisha Kotecha

Generation image

In a speech today, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has said that it is a source of “national shame” that as many as 800,000 people in England are “chronically lonely”. I couldn’t agree more.  Having worked for a small national charity supporting isolated older people for over 3 ½ years, I have met thousands of isolated older people across the country. The effects of loneliness and isolation on health are now widely recognised, so the question now is, what can we do about this?

I find it incredibly sad that the older people I have met do not have a social and support network that my parents have (mainly due to being part of a large extended family). I grew up in a community with a mix of ages of people. Having older people around was normal and I respected them. I expect that this is one of the reasons…

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