Posted by: alexswallow | October 18, 2013

Doing good? Trying to prove it is ‘Mission Impossible’

Another fascinating blog- anyone who hasn’t heard of Stemettes really ought to check them out!

Anne-Marie Imafidon

“We haven’t quite got 99 problems – we actually identified 9 problems with social impact measurement.” – Jack Graham, CEO & Founder of Year Here

I first encountered the notion of a social entrepreneur after attending an event hosted by Lord Wei at university and since have looked on social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurship as a target to aim for: a somewhat angelic and noble mantle to take on. In a way, they’ve been my role models ever since.

More recently (with the arrival of Stemettes) I’ve been lucky enough to be able to call myself a social entrepreneur and with that status I’ve very quickly discovered the ‘behind the scenes’ of being a social entrepreneur. Back at university, I had initially seen one problem that social entrepreneurs might have: being able to make enough money to cover the bills. On the outside, looking in that seemed to be…

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