Posted by: alexswallow | October 7, 2013

‘Start Up tips for young people: skills you need to run a business’

Another great article! Nice to have such encouragement for young people, especially when there can be a lot of negativity around.

Rotaract in Great Britain & Ireland (RGBI)

Guest post by Ali Golds, MD; Entrepreneur and Speaker

When setting up a business, the focus is often on the idea and developing it into a money making venture. And rightly so, no-one wants to spend a lot of time and energy on an idea that has no legs. However, there is also another – equally as important – area that, in all the idea planning, is being forgotten. You.

You, and your skills, are as important as your idea. After all, you can have the best idea in the world but not have the skills or drive to see it through. And you can be the most enterprising person ever but be continually stuck when it comes to a great idea. Each area is as vital as the other.

So what skills do you need to be an entrepreneur? There has been a lot of research into…

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