Posted by: alexswallow | September 28, 2013

The three people who have inspired me most in my life

I thought it would be nice to bring together three blog posts to have a list of the people who I think have most inspired me.

In no particular order:

1- Baron Wilson– Was Master of my college at Cambridge University (and former Head of the Civil Service)

2- Bill Young– Ran a drop-in centre for young people in Brighton, which I volunteered at

3- Brian Collier– A former neighbour and a personal friend who is an artist with his own gallery

They’ve inspired me for very different reasons. If I was summing it up in a sentence each I’d say that Baron Wilson taught me that however much a person achieves it is no excuse for them not to be nice. Bill taught me that if you find a job you love enough it isn’t a job and also sometimes that the best way of being impressive is to be quietly impressive. Brian taught me that the best sort of life is the one where you make your own choices, where you back your own judgement and you don’t compromise on the things that you believe in.


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