Posted by: alexswallow | September 25, 2013

Britain’s Personal Best- what can you achieve?

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet a few people connected to Britain’s Personal Best and to find out more about the inspiring work they are doing.

It’s a really good opportunity for both individuals and organisations to set themselves a challenge and to keep the spirit of the London Olympics 2012 alive.

It would be such a shame if all the national good feeling, willingness to help others and general celebration of humanity that last summer represented didn’t translate into something with a deeper, wider impact. Whether you were lucky enough to view some of the events live, you were glued to your TV during the Games, or you were even a competitor, there is a way to challenge yourself. Perhaps you want to take something you are good at and do it better, or perhaps your challenge will be something that you are naturally a bit rubbish at. Here are some ideas.

Britain’s Personal Best is launching with a mass participation event over the weekend of 4-6 October 2013. Individuals, groups and communities are being encouraged to set and share Personal Bests and there are all sorts of resources to help you.
The initiative is backed by the Big Lottery Fund and has lots of great strategic partners , including NAVCA, The Institute of Fundraising, ACEVO and vInspired.
If you are a small charity you might like to use the buzz  (see what I did there?) around the initiative to inspire people in your local community to be the best they can be, which might (hint, hint) include them supporting your work- either through raising funds or volunteering in some other way.


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